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Beyond Billables

Feb 13, 2019

Today on the show we had the absolute privilege of sitting down with Angus Murray. Angus is a partner at law firm Irish Bentley Lawyers, Vice President of the Queensland Council of Civil Liberties, the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Policy and Research Committee and Co-Founder of the Legal Forecast! 

We spoke in depth about his journey in law, how he became a partner and what he has learned along the way. Angus is a leading voice on cyber security in Australia and we had a thoroughly enjoyable discussion around the development of privacy laws and what the future holds for online security and privacy.

As well as his considerable achievements in practice Angus was a Co-Founder and remains and active part of the Legal Forecast. The Legal Forecast is a not–for–profit run by early–career professionals who are passionate about disruptive thinking and access to justice. Starting out in Australia they now impact students and the profession around the world and it was fascinating to chat about why they started and the teams mission.