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Beyond Billables

Apr 10, 2019

This week on the show we sat down with the brilliant Anthony Curtin of Merton Lawyers. Anthony is not only the co-founder of a growing commercial firm but also the founder of multiple other businesses from Christmas trees to mineral exploration companies! He has some outstanding insight into what it means to understand your clients business and has put in place process in his practice to help his lawyers develop the type of commercial skills everyone talks about.

Anthony has an education spanning Business and Law and a professional career incorporating legal, operational, finance, product & business development, marketing and technology roles. His expertise is at the intersection of corporate law, emerging businesses and high-growth companies. This is a unique commercial perspective he brings to legal practice.

We spoke about the lessons he's learned, the power of great mentorship, and the personal journey it takes to build something from scratch.

It's a great discussion and we really hope you enjoy it.