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Beyond Billables

Jan 23, 2018

If you’ve ever thought about giving up on your corporate career and pursuing your passions, then you’ll 100% want to check out this episode of the Beyond Billables podcast, because this week we’re speaking with someone who did just that. Meet Brooke Elliston. Brooke is a yoga teacher, mindfulness advocate and ex-corporate attorney. In this episode of the show, we chart her fascinating journey, delve into lessons learned and get a great primer on yoga along the way.

Brooke began her career with Turkslegal in bankruptcy law and subsequently moved on to banking ligation with Gadens. Despite being relatively happy with her job, Brooke was under a lot of stress and developed a series of seemingly inexplicable health problems. These problems became so severe that she had to stop and reevaluate what she was doing. This started her down a path out of a legal career, into an exploration of mindfulness and ultimately to finding true fulfillment as a yoga teacher.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • The journey Brooke followed to leave her legal career
  • The dangers of having a perfectionist tendency for lawyers
  • Brooke’s first job in the law and what she learned from it
  • How to approach yoga for the first time
  • Brooke’s advice to her younger self
  • The difference between ‘theoretical’ understanding and ‘physical reality’ understanding
  • How Brooke started her own business
  • What a yoga retreat looks like on the inside
  • The challenges associated with shedding one’s ‘identity’



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