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Beyond Billables

Apr 23, 2018

In this week’s episode of Beyond Billables, we’re speaking with someone on the absolute frontline of changing legal industry dynamics. Timothy Corcoran is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and legal commentator. With deep experience spanning two decades as a corporate executive, he guides law firm and law department leaders through the profitable disruption of outdated business models.


In our conversation with Tim, we dive deep into everything he’s learned over his career in the law. We highlight some of the most important points about economic models, and the responsibility of legal management. We also offer advice to young lawyers and set the stage for future legal practice. Tim is full of wisdom and is well worth listening to!


Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like:


  • What the leaders of law firms need to recognise more often
  • Tim’s background and work in the legal industry
  • Why hiring for skill and not a short-term need is a good approach
  • How Tim helps firms avoid regimented thinking
  • Shifting economic models and why they scare some lawyers
  • How many law firms have disincentives for collaboration (and the cost therein)
  • The differences between US and Australian legal markets
  • How technology is the way to implement change, not the change itself
  • The often forgotten reason why law firms actually exist
  • What Tim sees coming next on the commodification front
  • The greatest resistance points to change in the legal sector
  • The ‘work hoarding’ problem
  • How moving from reactive to proactive is the future
  • What excites Tim most about the future of legal work



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