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Beyond Billables

Apr 30, 2018

Interested in the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence when applied to legal practice? Want to know how you can position yourself for the future? Today’s episode of Beyond Billables hits on both of these topics with the help of Zegal CEO, Daniel Walker. Daniel leads an incredibly talented group that makes up one of the fastest growing legal tech companies in the Asia Pacific region, as well as Europe.

As someone on the frontlines of technological disruption in the legal industry, we picked Daniel’s brain on issues like AI, machine learning, changing business dynamics and law firm structures, and the types of culture that will support lawyers of the future. Daniel is a sharp guy and well worthy of a listen.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • Daniel’s story of starting out in the law
  • What Zegal does and why they have such a big team
  • The challenge of pivoting into a new space
  • Why Daniel left private practice
  • Daniel’s advice for up-and-coming lawyers
  • The work culture that Zegal is striving to build
  • The state of AI in terms of the law
  • How to make the legal tech space more attractive to top talent
  • Why Zegal has rebranded three times
  • The challenge in balancing the number of technologists and lawyers
  • Why there will always be a huge requirement for legal knowledge
  • The skills most highly valued in legal tech
  • How Daniel unwinds and fights off stress
  • The problem with the ‘get it done yesterday’ culture
  • The value in unsexy or less-sexy businesses