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Beyond Billables

Sep 7, 2017

Have you snuck a peek at your email when you were meant to be away from the office? When you fired up your inbox, did you feel a sense of relief as you were back in control of your work? That used to be classic behaviour for today’s guest, before he learned that level of dependency on his professional life was unhealthy and he shifted to a more positive approach to his work.

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In this episode of the Beyond Billables podcast, we talk with Dave Bushby. He is the managing director of Lexoo Australia, an online legal marketplace that connects top-tier legal experts with clients, without the high price tag. Dave is also the founder of Law Hackers, a weekly newsletter that he puts together that curates the best of legal tech and news of startup happenings in the legal sector. Early on in his career, he gained his experience in law dealing with real estate.

With a significant transition and merging of his interests in law and technology throughout his career, we talked with Dave about law life but also the importance of setting your own boundaries at work to cultivate a happy life.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we also discuss things like:

  • Flexibility in work hours in startup careers versus big firm life
  • Common theme amongst startups of advocating for unique approaches to working
  • Recognising warning signs if you are becoming dependent on work
  • Shifting from practicing real estate law to startup tech
  • How much easier it is today for senior lawyers to set up their own businesses
  • The impact of artificial intelligence technology in the law field
  • Spending time to expose yourself to other emerging ideas and tech outside your industry
  • The value of exploring all your interests at an early age
  • Dave’s two euphoric moments he experienced
  • Mindfulness and meditation strategies


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