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Beyond Billables

May 28, 2018

On today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we conducted a case study of sorts. The goal was to review the practices of an innovative company who’ve have taken a large chunk of business out of the employment law marketplace and see what could be learned. Guiding us through this process was Michael Morris head of talent at Employsure.

Michael told us a bit about his story and ultimately how he ended up at the company that is ‘disrupting workplace relations’ across New Zealand and Australia. He talked about hiring practices, values, models, growth, flexibility, what kind of people Employsure looks for and offered advice to future lawyers. This conversation isn’t to be missed.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like...


  • What Employsure is and what makes their approach different
  • Michael’s career trajectory and story
  • The’ insanity’ of current legal education
  • Roles for lawyers within the Employsure model
  • The hiring challenges Michael has faced
  • What Employsure looks for in candidates
  • Why people are the critical element in any service business
  • What makes a great work culture
  • Flexible work arrangements - the need for them, and Employsure’s offering
  • The evolution of legal tech innovation
  • The ‘good’ growth problem that Michael has




Michael - Linkedin