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Beyond Billables

May 7, 2018

Do you feel unhappy in your current role but unsure if the situation is fixable or not? This week’s guest on Beyond Billables has been in exactly that same situation and shares her insights on how to navigate uncertain waters. Jessica Kinny is an ex-Dentons solicitor turned founder and principle of Kinny Legal.  

Jessica works with start-ups, high net worth individuals, SMEs, ASX-listed companies and not-for-profit organisations. She’s an experienced commercial litigator and business lawyer, and a recognised aged care and retirement law specialist.

In our chat, we talk about Jessica’s journey in the law, how she got to a place where she knew change was needed and how she approached the uncertainty of the unknown. Jessica’s very sharp and has a lot of wisdom to share, despite still being relatively early in her career - this one’s not to be missed.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • The genesis of Kinny Legal
  • The biggest challenge Jessica’s faced as an entrepreneur
  • The power of delegation
  • How Jessica’s entrepreneurial path has given her more freedom
  • How Jessica realised she didn’t want to be a partner
  • How to face stepping into the unknown
  • What prompted Jessica to start her own firm
  • The ways in which new law firms are approaching attorney-client relationships
  • The ways in which generational and technological tides are changing legal practice
  • Kinny Legal’s approach to marketing
  • Jessica’s go to exercise/de-stressing method


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