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Beyond Billables

Apr 28, 2019

This week on the show I had the epic privilege of being joined by the one and only Fiona Nguyen, founder of Girl Friday IP and all around awesome human. As a Patent Attorney and business owner Fiona has grown a great brand and business which was central to our discussion. Given our mutual love for branding we were able to do a deep dive into how lawyers of all kinds can grow great personal brands and great businesses whether in big teams or out on their own. Fiona has one of the very best social media presences of any Patent Attorney in the world (huge call but it's true) because she has made her brand all about herself, her skills and her unique perspective. As the self described “go to for all things intellectual property related” Fiona has been able to grow a personal brand and business on her own terms. In a world where there are few true creatives Fiona is a great example of tapping into what makes you unique and having the guts to build something great.

In her own words ”I believe in inspiring creativity to spark purposeful change in the communities where I work, live and play. Girl Friday IP is supporting creative thinkers by making intellectual property an accessible tool and an engaging human experience.”

This is certainly a high energy, high inspiration show and I'm very thankful for Fiona's time in being able to make it happen.