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Beyond Billables

May 21, 2018

Jess Harvie has made an incredible journey in her life, from working as a corporate lawyer in Sydney, to joining a flower delivery startup, to starting a career in tech. As Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Justworks, a tech company in New York City that designs human resources solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Jess’ work finds her helping develop human resources programs for businesses, promote diversity in her company and make real, genuine relationships with clients.

On today’s episode of Beyond Billables, Jess tells us how her skills learned as a lawyer were invaluable as she made the leap to a new career path. She describes how quitting her law gig with no jobs lined up gave her the motivation she needed to get serious about finding a career path that was both challenging and emotionally rewarding. If you’re ever been curious about how people make the transition out of law, you’ll love this show.

Listen to the full episode to hear things like:

  • How law culture can stifle creativity
  • Why Jess had to learn to sound “American” when selling herself to potential employers
  • How having a law background opened up opportunities in Jess’ newest job
  • Why it’s important to become comfortable with criticism
  • The importance of recognising your true skills
  • How the tough nature of law can keep you from realising your value
  • How leaving your city (or country) can change your perspective
  • Why it’s never too late to change your career


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