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Beyond Billables

Jul 2, 2018

Technology is disrupting nearly every industry, and law is no exception. As AI, blockchain technology and smart contracts become everyday parlance in the industry, students in law school will have to adequately adapt to become competitive once they graduate.


At the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Law, this reality has already led to a reworking of how they teach their students. In the latest episode of Beyond Billables, UTS lecturers stopped by to explain how their law program has been reflecting the rapid change we are experiencing when it comes to technology. Maxine Evers and Dr Philippa Ryan, two senior lecturers at UTS Faculty of Law, had a lot of insightful things to say about how law students should (and already are) preparing themselves for something of a technological revolution in their industry.


In this episode, we cover:


  • Why you should know how to intelligently analyse data
  • How to protect against the uncertainty that comes with swiftly changing technology
  • The increasing usefulness of in-house law teams
  • How team collaboration will become more prevalent in law
  • Why it’s a good idea for law students to pursue a dual degree in engineering, math or other STEM subjects
  • How law will experience a ‘reverse ageism’ in the coming years
  • Why the fundamentals of law still haven’t changed
  • How law could become more of a ‘service industry’



Maxine Evers - LinkedIn

Dr Philippa Ryan - LinkedIn

UTS Faculty of Law