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Beyond Billables

Oct 30, 2018

If there was ever a guest that shows us how to make the whole work and life thing work for you and not against you it's Emma Heuston. Lawyer, practice leader, author and speaker Emma is a leading figure in our industry providing crucial information about how to work flexibly and freely in the legal industry.

Emma is a the author of 'The Tracksuit Economy, How to work Effectively and Productively from Home'. This is an amazing book that provides a practical and easy to digest guide on how to work remotely and make it work for you and your employer. Having made the sea-change herself we were very fortunate to sit down with Emma and talk about her approach to work and how she makes it work.

Emma is a successful lawyer and currently Practice Leader at Legal Vision in Sydney. At the same time she enjoys a remote working arrangement that gives her the flexibility and freedom that we would all love. So how does she make it work and how can it work for you?

In this episode we talk with Emma about her personal and career journey in the law. We also talk about the amazing array of new law and working models available to lawyers but that we aren't seeing enough of.

Don't forget to get your copy of The Tracksuit Economy at the link below.