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Beyond Billables

Oct 5, 2018

This week we were thrilled to have Janelle Kerrisk return to the Beyond Billables Podcast. Janelle is a founder of Helix Legal and LawLancer, two legal services businesses making big waves in the industry. Janelle has a tremendous story of having the confidence to take the leap and has made a great success of everything she has put her mind to.

During the show we had the chance to discuss both businesses and the different journey that they were both on.LawLancer gives law firms access to a scalable and flexible workforce through an online marketplace to alleviate resources and meet client demands, while providing law students with quality paid opportunities to gain real world experience. We chatted about how this idea came about, how democratising access to work would help the entire profession, and Janelle's view on the future of distributed work.

Finally, having now clocked up two years with Helix Legal it was a great chance to go into detail on how Janelle has grown the firm, the challenges during this time and how she has been able to overcome them.

On this episode we discussed:

New legal services platforms
The future of work
Democratising access to legal work
Empowering regional practices
Overcoming obstacles as a business owner
Scaling your practice

LawLancer -

Helix Legal -