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Beyond Billables

Apr 17, 2018

For anyone wavering on what to do after law school, know that your options may not be as limited as they seem. Today’s episode of Beyond Billables is a brilliant case study to that end. On the show, we speak with Kate Allman, an experienced multimedia journalist, travel writer and social media expert.

A 2015 graduate from UNSW with a double degree in journalism and law, Kate has also completed TV and radio presenting courses at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in 2017. She’s someone uniquely positioned between the law, media and fast-changing technology.

In our conversation, we really keyed in on why you don’t need to follow the herd to be successful. We traced Kate’s trajectory out of university, the challenges she’s faced and the shifting terrain of the legal industry as a whole.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • How Kate combined divergent interests into a stable job
  • The benefits of being selectively stubborn
  • Kate’s top book recommendation
  • The pros and cons of double degrees
  • How Kate jump-started her career while still at university
  • The keys to differentiating yourself in increasingly noisy online spaces
  • How to improve your skills as a writer and find your authentic voice
  • Why Kate spent the night in a prison in Rio De Janeiro
  • The biggest issues facing the legal profession right now
  • How legal industry disruption has finally started
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • Life hacks road tested by Kate


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