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Beyond Billables

Jul 16, 2018

On Today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we had the pleasure of picking the brain of a lawyer on the front lines of legal evolution. Thomas Kaldor is the head of LegalVision’s transformation team, whose career credits also include working as an associate to Justice Kiefel (now Chief Justice) at the High Court of Australia and as a solicitor at Allens, a well-known corporate law firm.


In our conversation with Thomas, we traced his career trajectory, discussed his decision to leave his big law job and what it’s been like in a more tech-focused company. This is a great episode for people who are looking to make lateral moves or find new ways of applying their skills without leaving the law entirely.


Listen to the full episode to all this, plus things like.


  • How Thomas left a big law firm and joined LegalVision
  • What it’s like working with ‘high stature’ people
  • Why Thomas is concerned about an over-reliance on tech solutions
  • Legal Visions fee setup and business model
  • Thomas’s take on legal marketing
  • The problem with being hung up on titles and credentials
  • The pitfalls of the ‘distributed lawyer’ model
  • Flexible work arrangements, professional development, and perks
  • How Thomas applies design thinking


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Legal Vision

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