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Beyond Billables

Apr 10, 2018

Today, we’re highlighting yet another innovative, new legal startup that’s paving the way for a smart and more flexible future. On this episode of Beyond Billables, we talk with Connor James and Anne Wardell – the brain trust of new law firm, Compliance Quarter.

Connor is a solicitor with extensive in-house legal and management experience. He’s the principal of Compliance Quarter (and Law Quarter), and is managing director of Permitz Group.

Anne is also a solicitor at Law Quarter and regulatory specialist at Compliance Quarter, as well as being a teaching adjunct and casual academic at UTS Law Faculty.

Between the two of them, there’s an incredible amount of legal expertise, life experience and business acumen to be learned from. Our conversation traced both of their paths to Compliance Quarter, dug into their respective philosophies on legal practice, got their takes on where the industry is headed and detailed what makes Compliance Quarter different.


Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus…

  • The tangible value of technical skills for lawyers
  • How Compliance Quarter is aiming to reduce client costs
  • How to use technology in a professional services environment
  • Anne’s advice for those at a career crossroads
  • Why telling people directly what you think is a good and a bad thing
  • The danger in not thinking clearly about your motivation for a law degree
  • The pros and pros of distributed teams
  • What James looks for in prospective employees
  • Where the legal industry is going in the future
  • How Google home has been trained to answer basic legal questions



Connor – LinkedIn
Anne – LinkedIn
Anne – Twitter
Compliance Quarter
Faculty of Law – UTS