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Beyond Billables

Jun 23, 2017

In this second episode of the Beyond Billables podcast, we sit down with Maciek, the other half of Beyond Billables, to talk about his early years, career progression, deep breathing, Stoicism, the best books, and his favourite podcasts (apart from Beyond Billables!)


Maciek is an ex-lawyer, international legal recruiter, entrepreneur, legal tech-head, world-wide traveller, father, husband and vintage Kombi enthusiast. For someone who wears many hats, he juggles them well, and in this episode he gives us an insight into the various facets of his life as well as some great advice on career challenges, answering the big questions in life, why self-reflection is important, and how to avoid letting your career take over.


We also discuss:


  • The catalysts that led Maciek to shift careers
  • The difficulties that his career change introduced, and how he overcame them
  • Why you can’t control the outcomes to everything
  • How to better manage your expectations
  • The competitive side of the legal profession
  • How to think outside the square and avoid falling prey to paradigms
  • The importance of trial and error
  • What he aims to do through Beyond Billables
  • How you can benefit from deep breathing (even if you’re a sceptic)
  • Why you should be prepared to pivot in order to get ahead