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Beyond Billables

Jul 23, 2018

Many lawyers feel as if they don’t have enough free time or space for their own life apart from work. Today’s episode of Beyond Billables deals largely with what to do with the time you spend outside of work (as limited as that time may be). Our guest for this episode is Melissa Scott - attorney, big picture thinker, ex-bodybuilder, and legal counselor at Megaport.


Melissa has a lot of insight to share not only in terms of her journey as a lawyer that went in-house, but also in how to have a life outside of work. We dug deep into her health and fitness odyssey, talked about creative outlets, having fun, and ultimately what constitutes a good and balanced life.  


Listen to the full episode to all this, plus things like.


  • Melissa’s journey out of the billable hour paradigm
  • The inside scoop on Megaport
  • A day in the life of an in-house attorney
  • Melissa’s experience as a bodybuilder
  • The value of being a self-learner
  • How Melissa has faced technical topics
  • Tech startup vs law firm pros and cons
  • The danger in extreme personalities
  • Why you must find a creative outlet
  • Melissa’s advice to her younger self



Melissa Scott - Linkedin

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