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Beyond Billables

Jul 2, 2019

Today on the show we sat down with the remarkable Michael Chesterman, Consultant of Helix Legal. Michael brings his decades of knowledge of the construction industry to the Helix team, and he's not even a lawyer! Michael is in fact an industry expert that is a huge part of why Helix can deliver such a client centric approach to their service. Michael shares on the parallels between the construction and legal industries, the disruption happening in both, and the way law firms can better service clients by deeply understanding their business.

Check out his bio below!

Having worked for the building industry regulator in Queensland for 22 years, Michael was the inaugural BSA Compliance Manager, responsible for investigating contractor’s compliance with the financial requirements and other licensing criteria.

In 2000, he undertook extensive research, policy and legislation development and consultation with industry stakeholders regarding the need to introduce legislation that provided contractors with an alternative to the courts to rapidly recover outstanding payments for work done.

In 2004, he was appointed the inaugural Adjudication Registrar under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (BCIPA), a position he held until March 2017.

Michael has demonstrated a record of fighting for improved payment outcomes for all parties who have carried out construction work or supplied related goods or services in the Queensland building and construction industry. However, in particular he has consistently worked to achieving security of payment for subcontractors.

Michael brings a depth of practical experience and industry knowledge, complementing the legal skills within Helix, ensuring we deliver the right solutions for clients, not just the legal answer.