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Beyond Billables

Jul 9, 2018

Are you a current or prospective lawyer wondering what an uncertain future might hold in terms of career options? If so, you’ll not want to miss today’s episode of Beyond Billables. Today we’re talking to Peter Connor a ‘Global Change Agent’ with  25+ years of legal, compliance and business experience. In the course of his polished career, Peter has developed a knack for challenging the status quo and finding a way to reimagine better solutions.


In our conversation, we chatted about many things but really honed in on the skills & strategy a lawyer is going to need to succeed as the law changes. We dug into the specifics of what skills should be focused on, how going in-house can be a great stepping stone to something else and ultimately, how law firms need to evolve.


Listen to the full episode to hear things like:


  • The reasons people want to work in-house
  • Alternatively Legal - what it is and how it works
  • Why Peter became a lawyer
  • How to avoid the ‘traditional mindset trap’
  • The idea of the T-shaped Lawyer
  • How Peter used design thinking to improve compliance training
  • Things lawyers should drill down on
  • The challenges of stepping into an in-house role
  • The ‘killer skill’ according to Peter
  • What changes are most needed from law firms


Peter Connor - Linkedin

Alternatively Legal

T-Shaped lawyer