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Beyond Billables

Jan 30, 2018

Today we sat down and picked the brain of a techie legal product manager on what’s coming in the future. Philipp Thurner is one of the key faces behind LawAdvisor, he’s also an associate consultant with Janders Dean and founder of CHITIT, a lean innovation consultancy firm. He has been responsible for the co-ideation, design, and development of innovative legal technology solutions that have been recognised by the Financial Times and RSG Consulting APAC Innovative Lawyers Awards.

In our conversation, we traced the trajectory of his career, talked about the state of legal tech development, touched on resistance he’s facing in introducing new tools, what lawyers can do to prepare for the future, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, the dark web and blockchain technology.

Listen to this episode to get to grips with the cutting edge innovations taking place in and around the legal industry, plus all this too:

  • Gilbert & Tobin’s approach to building an innovation team
  • A quick primer on blockchain technology and where it might be headed
  • The mindset and skills needed for a new law graduate today
  • Why the gig economy is the way of the future
  • What the dark web is and how it functions in practice
  • The value of being allowed to experiment and fail
  • Philipp’s experience balancing tech solutions against pre-existing business models
  • Why law firms need legal project management
  • Typical problems, pain points and inefficiencies that legal tech can address
  • How making himself ‘redundant’ was one of Philipp’s best professional moves



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