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Beyond Billables

Aug 13, 2018

If anyone has got their hands on the crystal ball and can see what the industry is facing is our guest on this episode of Beyond Billables – Stevie Ghiassi. Technology change is coming thick and fast, and the law establishment is not immune, creating both exciting and scary times ahead for the law industry.

Stevie Ghiassi is CEO of Legaler, a secure online communication and collaboration tool for lawyers, CEO of Legaler Aid, a blockchain-based legal aid service that promotes access to justice, as well as President of the Australian Legal Technology Association and founder of Blockchain for Law.

To call Stevie a legal tech guru would not be hyperbole, and his knowledge and experience of that space where the law meets technology is immense – and his insights are a real eye-opener for anyone working in and around the law. If you’re interested in where the future of legal practice, and lawyers in general, is headed, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Here’s what we’ll be getting our heads around in this episode:

  •      Stevie’s journey from pro-tennis player to legal technology specialist
  •      The birth and development of Legaler
  •      How Legaler works as a tool for lawyers
  •      Fundamental changes bringing lawyers and clients closer together
  •      The technology factors changing legal practice
  •      The inspiration and passion behind Legaler Aid
  •      How Legaler Aid works – making it easier to do pro bono work
  •      Distributed ledger and blockchain technology explained
  •      The technological threats to the legal industry
  •      The rise of smart contracts
  •      A look into the crystal ball – the future of law and lawyers
  •      Tips for up-and-coming lawyers




Blockchain for Law

Australian Legal Technology Association

Beyond Billables

Book – Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer by Randal Kiser