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Beyond Billables

Oct 8, 2018

The area of family law is one of the most difficult in the profession. Not only is it a hugely human-centric area requiring lots of empathy and tact but it's also constrained but a court system under huge strain not to mention outdated business models when it comes to practice and client engagement.

So this week we had the chance to sit down with a family lawyer who is approaching things differently. Talya Faigenbaum is the Principal at Faigenbaum Family Lawyers based in Melbourne.

Innovation in the family law space is not easy to come by and lawyers in many cases have their hands tied by a process and system that can often offer little flexibility and does not take into account to huge human element in these types of matters.

So in this episode we sat down with Talya to discuss how a different and more transparent approach can deliver better results for clients and how she does this. We also cover:

- Tayla's personal career journey and how she landed in family law;
- The entrepreneurial journey and professional challenges she faces in practising in such a human centric area that touches people at their most vulnerable;
- Starting your own firm;
- Innovation and reform in the family law space;
- How family law practitioners can better engage with clients;
- Talya's and her firms approach to complex family law matters and what sets them apart; and
- How she finds balance in her personal and professional life working in an emotionally challenging practice.