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Beyond Billables

Nov 24, 2017

Today’s episode of The Beyond Billables Podcast felt a bit like pulling back the curtain and looking into the future. On the show, we were lucky enough to sit down with Andrew Mellett. Andrew is the CEO of leading New Law firm Plexus Legal and one of the sharpest minds in terms of legaltech and artificial intelligence.

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The law is changing, and Plexus Legal is one of the firms really pushing the envelope. Andrew is actually not a lawyer, and perhaps this goes some way in explaining why he’s so comfortable breaking convention and thinking laterally.

In our conversation, we talked about the evolution of legal careers, how Plexus has leveraged technological tools, the improvement of legal management operating systems, artificial intelligence and the skills lawyers of the future will need to develop. The endpoint of all this being, create more value for clients and better careers for lawyers.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this plus topics like:

  • The characteristics Plexus Legal looks for in their new hires
  • The potential cost to having a fixed mindset
  • Why Plexus Legal is betting the farm on technology
  • The artificial intelligence hype-cycle currently underway in the legal industry
  • Where people can go to educate themselves in terms of New Law and legal tech
  • The most important skillsets for future lawyers
  • The challenges and opportunities of competing in international markets (US, UK, etc.)
  • How Andrew handles informational overload and tries to maintain balance
  • The historical reason why there have been so many dissatisfied lawyers

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