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Beyond Billables

Sep 2, 2019

This week on the show I had the tremendous privilege of interviewing EJ Wise, Cyber Lawyer and founder of WiseLaw. EJ has a remarkable story that spans 25 years working in the legal industry with the Australian Federal and State Governments and in private practice specialising in cyber law, policy, advice, international humanitarian law, law of the sea and criminal law! EJ is an internationally recognized cyber law expert who is one of the very few people in Australia with real experience advising on all aspects of cyber.

As well as her love for practice EJ has a real passion for education and is leading the way in bringing cyber threats and the effects on business into the main stream. EJ also served in the defence force and shared on her journey, her time at the Pentagon and what it was like advising on the use of technology in warfare and the role state actors are playing.

If that might all sound too technical don’t worry! EJ is one of the funniest, most engaging people I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know this year and this is a show with plenty of laughs as well as learning.