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Beyond Billables

Jun 4, 2019

On the show today we had the privilege of sitting down with Fionn Bowd, Founder of the recently launched Bowd Legal. Fionn has a great story of excelling in practice both in top firms and in-house, and share many great lessons on what she learned along the way.

Fionn has a true passion for empowering lawyers so that they can re-ignite their love for law and providing law firms with better solutions to their needs.

We spoke in detail about how we can empower partners to better service clients and ultimately build practices that they are proud of which don't result in the level of burnout that cripples many people. Having been to law school with Fionn it was fabulous to catch up and we certainly connected strongly in our joint belief that the profession can better serve all those that serve it, and that human centred solutions are critical to moving forward.