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Beyond Billables

Nov 4, 2021

This week on the show I welcomed a very special guest, Kristal Naividi, Founder of Coastal Lawyers. Kirstal has an incredible and inspiring story for anyone looking to live their best life. Having grown up in public housing, made her way through university while working full time as a legal secretary and ultimately starting her own practice with three kids and a husband who had just been diagnosed with testicular cancer, Kirstal is a massive inspiration. 

On the show we discussed her journey to become a lawyer from such a tough upbringing, the impetus to start her own firm and how she has managed to make it a success so rapidly. Kirstal shares very openly about the hurdles and how she worked to overcome them in her own, incredible way. 

Upbeat, infectiously positive and incredibly open Kristal has a unique story that certainly makes me question the things I complain about!