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Beyond Billables

Jun 11, 2018

The law is changing fast and those who don’t change with it are in danger of being left behind. One person who knows this all too well is today’s guest on Beyond Billables, Mark Lazarus. Mark’s career has zig-zagged back and forth between Australia and the UK, all the while making space for a barrister role along with various stints with Monster Energy Drink and weathering the GFC in the process.

After working for one of the hottest global energy drink brands on the planet, Mark has now taken some of that "energy" from Monster and put it into building his own practice working with Startups, SME's, FMCG's and creatives in the sports, music, entertainment, and fashion industries. Mark’s got some very progressive ideas about legal marketing, the business of law, and how lawyers can embrace the future. Speaking with him was an absolute pleasure.

Listen to the full episode to hear things like:

  • Mark’s mindset advice for young lawyers
  • Revivifying efforts at Lazarus Legal
  • The importance of using a great CRM
  • The keys to Lazarus Legal’s marketing approach
  • The acronym ‘SEFO’, Lazarus Legal’s special sauce
  • The best compliments Mark ever received
  • Why fixed fee agreements can often be misleading
  • Why Mark became a barrister (and why it ultimately wasn’t for him)
  • Why the goals you set always end up changing
  • The effect of the GFC on Mark’s career
  • Why Mark considers himself a ‘glorified gardner’




Lazarus Legal