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Beyond Billables

Mar 12, 2018

Are you unhappy in your current role? Thinking of making a big change or a career transition? On today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we present another inspiring case study of a lawyer who turned to something else. Matthew Hollings is a graduate of The Queensland University of Technology in Law and Economics, and he was a solicitor at Gadens Lawyers for a number of years before taking on a business development role at Law In Order.

Matthew has ten years combined experience in legal and sales-orientated private sector roles, and he was a great person to speak to about making a big shift in work. In our conversation, we traced Matthew’s journeys, talked about how he made the tough decisions, chatted about the state of legal tech and speculated about what the future of law might look like.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the above, plus all of this too:

  • Matthew’s take on what business development really means
  • The importance of having a support network in terms of big career jumps
  • The biggest challenges Matthew has faced in taking a different path
  • How to get people to take risks on legal tech products
  • The benefits an ex-lawyer can bring to other roles
  • What Law In Order does in real terms
  • Matthew’s approach to educating his target market
  • How to get over fear of failure or taking risks
  • The types of skills Matthew is focusing on
  • What organisations can do better to keep their most valuable people



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