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Beyond Billables

Dec 8, 2017

Interested to hear how one lawyer navigated to their ideal job? Keen to listen to a story about having a family without sacrificing your career? Today’s episode of The Beyond Billables Podcast delivers both of these things, plus much more. On the show, we were lucky enough to sit down with Meaghan Lewis. Meaghan is the Sydney-based general counsel for The Law Society of NSW.

In our conversation, we talked about Meaghan’s journey from being a solicitor with Chapman Tripp to working in London to motherhood to shifting gears and ultimately joining The Law Society. Along the way, we touched on changing jurisdictions, the challenges surrounding being a mum and a lawyer, gratitude and finding a role that suits your needs in life.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus topics like:

  • How Australian/Kiwi lawyers going to the UK is generally a mutually beneficial dynamic
  • The pros and cons of corporate mergers & acquisitions work
  • Meaghan’s transformative experience on maternity leave
  • How different positions can allow you to shape law practice to meet your own needs
  • The value of not rushing into decisions
  • How a law society functions in day-to-day
  • The costs associated with the ‘typical’ attorney mindset
  • The life lessons of working abroad and in new jurisdictions
  • Meaghan’s advice to herself coming out of law school



Being Well in The Law
The Law Society of NSW