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Beyond Billables

Sep 4, 2018

It wouldn’t be overstating it to say that Michele DeStefano is a visionary in the legal industry. As a highly respected lawyer, academic, author, speaker, marketer and entrepreneur, Michelle is pioneering new ways of thinking about how we practice law and what the future of the industry looks like.


One of the many feathers in Michele’s cap is as founder of Law Without Walls, a virtual global collaborative group of some 1,500 change agents who are dedicated to changing how lawyers and business professionals partner to solve problems.


Michelle’s insights are marvelous for both practicing lawyers and students or younger members of the profession who are looking to understand where the future of the industry is headed.  


Here’s what we delve into in this episode:


  • The biggest pitfalls of the lawyer’s mindset
  • Why lawyers will need a range of skills beyond legal expertise
  • The impetus behind Law Without Walls
  • Why law is essentially a creative practice
  • The difference between problem solving and problem finding
  • The change in focus to how lawyers work not what they do
  • Why lawyers need to find how to add value
  • Why lawyers’ careers won’t be as straightforward
  • C.O.S.T skills explained
  • The role of T.N.T. innovation – tiny noticeable things
  • The impact of marketing on the profession
  • Why we need to get rid of the word pitch
  • Why lawyers should consider marketing as a career
  • Changing the way lawyers and clients collaborate together




Law Without Walls

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Legal Upheaval - book