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Beyond Billables

Sep 24, 2018

Innovation is happening all around us in the industry at the moment and this week we take a dive into the unexpected and much maligned area of personal injury practice.

This week we speak with Nick Mann who after a long stint working with one of the country's top personal injury firms stepped out to create a firm with very different business model, approach to marketing and focus on clients who are often in terrible life circumstances. Bringing together a more empathetic approach together with a more accessible process for their clients underpinned by great technology means that Nick and Polaris Lawyers have entirely re-thought the standard approach to their industry.

In this episode we also discussed:

  • Nick's career journey;
  • The ins and outs of personal injury and compensation law;
  • How Polaris Lawyers are doing things differently;
  • How to build a flexible and healthy workplace;
  • Legal marketing at the retail level and how to get cut through; and
  • How to understand your clients and where they see most value in your services.


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