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Beyond Billables

Nov 13, 2018

A litigation firm with a value pricing model that was created to be a great place to work? They do exist and prosper and this week it was our great pleasure to interview Nigel Evans, Co-Founder of Aptum Legal one of Australia's leading firms that have moved beyond the billables model.

Nigel started Aptum with his fellow co-founders at the start of 2018 and has already had tremendous success growing the practice. The firm are experts in a range of litigation with a particular strength in Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Tax and Corporate disputes. We had a very in depth discussion around value pricing, scoping and different approaches to billing which Aptum Legal has embraced wholeheartedly.

In their own words:

"What we know to be certain is the traditional way of providing legal services is failing. In commercial litigation in particular, it is failing to provide high-quality service that delivers commercial outcomes. The traditional way rewards inefficiency, stifles creativity and innovation, focusses on process over outcomes and alienates even the most sophisticated clients."

Nigel came to law having already had a professional background and we discussed how he managed to juggle a young family with a big career pivot and how his prior experience has helped him while in practice and at the bar.

Nigel has worked for large international firms, as a Barrister and now running his own practice so has a great depth of understanding to how law firms can be run effectively. If you're interested in different fee models, how contentious practices can approach value pricing, and how to grow a firm that lives its values then this is a great episode for you.