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Beyond Billables

Jun 4, 2018

On today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we’re speaking with Alexis lamb, a self-described ‘recovering lawyer’, remote worker, and veteran of big law firms in New York and Hong Kong. As someone who works from her laptop (and has pivoted into recruiting), Alexis is another shining example of a person who’s made a legal background work for them.


In our conversation, we spoke to Alexis about her motivations to get into law, her experiences in big law firms, how the recession affected her, location independence, how to find your sweet spot and a whole slew of other things. Alexis is bright, quick with the funny one-liner and keen to share her learnings with others, this episode isn’t to be missed!


Listen to the full show to hear all of the above, plus things like...


  • How the ‘no pants life’ blog was born
  • How technology is helping people achieve flexibility
  • How the recession impacted Alexis
  • Working from home vs digital nomading
  • Why Alexis became a lawyer
  • The problem with how many big firms treat associates
  • The transition from working in New York to Hong Kong
  • How Alexis has dealt with big setbacks in life
  • Why risk tolerance tends to change with age
  • The new mobility of human capital
  • The challenge in doing something without precedent
  • Alexis’ advice to her younger self


No Pants Life