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Beyond Billables

Jun 18, 2018

Technology, with all its faults, has undeniably improved the human experience. It’s easier for us to receive medical care, read a book or talk to loved ones. But have you ever thought about how it could make it easier to work with a lawyer?

Patrick Brown is a coder and lawyer who has created a platform called Codepact that generates customised legal documents that are intuitive and accessible for the average person. Rather than wade through all of the legal jargon, those using Codepact will be presented with a simplified interface that provides definitions for confusing topics and easily walks the user throughout the process.

On the latest episode of the Beyond Billables podcast, Patrick explained how this is the way of the future. In the not too distant future, he said, most lawyers will be using some form of software to streamline their work.

If this sounds interesting, be sure to listen to the full episode. We also chat about:

  • How Patrick taught himself how to code
  • Why most lawyers are perfectly capable of learning how to code themselves
  • How technology will help increase collaboration in law
  • How automated contracts take out excess boilerplate and helps clients understand what’s going on
  • The intricacies of branch version control and how it can make your life easier
  • Why new technology makes it easier for lawyers to skip drudgery and focus on what they really care about
  • How lawyers can learn from coders when it comes to innovation and change
  • Why you should start your own law firm — and why it’s easier than ever



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