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Beyond Billables

Feb 13, 2018

Listen to this episode if you’re interested in taking control of your career and moving away from outdated models. Because doing so might not necessarily mean breaking from the big law establishment. In today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we’re talking with Richard Punt who clearly articulates why this might be the case. Richard is the CEO of Allen & Overy’s Peerpoint consulting platform, where he focuses on businesses development and international expansion.

Before Allen & Overy, Richard was a managing partner with Deloitte and a strategy consultant with extensive experience in the development and execution of strategy and organisation design. And with such a wealth of experience, he’s a great person to report from the front lines of a changing industry.

Listen to this episode to hear how Allen & Overy is adapting to a changing landscape, as well as Richard’s take on the future of legal practice, plus all this too:

  • What Peerpoint is and why it matters
  • Richard’s take on where legal tech is headed
  • The impetus for A&O’s more flexible approach
  • The type of lawyers ideal for Peerpoint
  • How mainstream firms can restructure their approaches
  • The benefit of controlling one’s schedule and workflow
  • Peerpoint’s selection criteria
  • Tectonic mindset shifts within the legal industry
  • Key abilities that future lawyers will need
  • Where the legal services market is going
  • How big international law firms are evolving



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