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Beyond Billables

Feb 5, 2018

Interested in travelling? Curious about the lifestyle of those who bounce around the globe while working remotely? Keen to hear how one guy has made it all work? If you checked any of these boxes, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Beyond Billables podcast.

In this show, we chatted with Stephen Findley, a consultant, business development associate with Compliance Quarter, and the founder of the Remote Salesman. Stephen has managed to travel the world over the past two years with his girlfriend while maintaining a full-time sales and business development role. According to some, he’s lived the dream.

In our conversation, we traced Stephen’s journey from more conventional employment to the backroads of Vietnam to the coworking spaces of Bali. We dug into the pros and cons of the travel-working lifestyle, talked about the skills needed to adapt to an all-digital role, touched on how others might emulate him, and speculated on the future of the economy.

Listen to this episode to hear the full version of Stephen’s adventures, plus things like:

  • How Stephen got into a remote work position
  • What Compliance Quarter is and how it functions
  • How Tim Ferriss inspired some of Stephen’s life decisions
  • How to handle a client-facing role remotely
  • How sales is changing in the modern era
  • The struggle around finding routine as a traveller or remote worker
  • How to pursue travelling and remote work (particularly in sales)
  • The special sauce to Stephen’s professional approach
  • The ingredients that make up a good coworking space
  • The key skills that people need to develop for remote works



The Modern Remote Salesman
Compliance Quarter