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Beyond Billables

Aug 4, 2017

Welcome to the 8th instalment of the Beyond Billables podcast. If you’d like to hear one lawyer’s fascinating journey from Australia to Honduras to London and back, you’re in for a treat. This week, we talked to Brad Vinning – a lawyer turned scuba instructor turned corporate partner. A lover of the ocean, exercise and the startup world, Brad has built a name for himself as a sharp legal mind.

Brad talks about his humble beginnings in the law, taking a career break to live in Honduras and restarting his professional life in London. He also discussed his broad range of corporate and commercial transaction experience in Australia, London and Jersey (Channel Islands). In this episode, you’re going to learn ways in which you can stay active, the importance of maintaining your authenticity and how you can apply these characteristics to your career.

Have a listen to find out more about Brad, as well as his tips on things like:

  • Maintaining a work-life balance and what that really means
  • How to maintain your authenticity
  • How to approach industry meetups, conferences and networking events
  • His advice to junior associates
  • The importance of being a good active listener
  • The value in being proactive with client relationships
  • The implications of artificial intelligence for the legal profession
  • How to deal with the stress of always having to be right
  • How he made partner
  • Being yourself and not worrying too much about pleasing others
  • The value of confidence in staying true to yourself