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Beyond Billables

Jul 28, 2017

How are the big businesses utilising technology these days? Tune in to today’s podcast to find out as we speak to the lovely, ever-present Anna Lozynski. Anna is a lawyer and general counsel to L’Oreal Australia and New Zealand, and she sits down for a chat with Maciek about her early desires to be a scientist, what led her to choose law instead, how she’s navigated her career path and the advice she gives to professionals regarding technology in the legal industry.


Anna and Maciek also talk about the benefits social media can bring to your business and what L’Oreal has done to ensure they are at the forefront of their industry, including the technological advances they’re implementing and the benefits they’re hoping to bring (hint: intelligent hairbrushes).

Listen to the podcast to gain insight into more of the above, as well as:

  • How Anna keeps cool under stress
  • How networking can open doors and generate new opportunities for you and your business
  • Deciding what legacy you want to leave through your career path, and making sure others can happily follow it
  • How to be so happy within your job it’ll feel like your second home
  • The benefits of having a close circle of friends to act as a support network
  • Why EQ is becoming more important than IQ
  • What is innovation intelligence?
  • Why you should question the status quo
  • The importance of knowing your self-worth, and what it can bring to your career
  • Your legal ‘wow’, and how to maximise it
  • How social media has transformed business models for the better