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Beyond Billables

Oct 12, 2017

If you’re interested in starting your own business, and want to know the best way to bill and how to find your ideal niche, then you need to check out this episode of Beyond Billables. Our guest is Demetrio Zema – founder and director of Law Squared, a specialised commercial law and litigation firm focused on working with entrepreneurs and startups. He’s also an accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer, having worked with many corporates, SMEs and ASX listed companies. As the founder of one of Australia’s most innovative firms, Demetrio is focused on relationships, authenticity and getting positive outcomes for his clients.

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In 2017, Demetrio was selected as part of the Australian delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20 YEA). Law Squared has also been listed on the LexisNexis Legal Innovation Index and Demetrio is active in numerous not-for-profit causes. In our conversation, we heard Demetrio’s story, including his entrepreneurial wins and losses, and how he found his niche in the law.

We also dug into things like:

  • How changing the billing model fundamentally alters lawyer-client relations
  • Why an entrepreneur who’s driven by money alone will likely fail
  • The biggest complaints about lawyers and how Law Squared is addressing these
  • Why legal tech should be viewed as empowerment tools, not competition
  • How Law Squared fosters an open and cohesive work environment
  • Why authenticity is such a key characteristic for a lawyer to have
  • How Law Squared is changing the conversations between lawyers and clients


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