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Beyond Billables

Oct 5, 2017

Want to hear how one woman has conquered entrepreneurship, disease and motherhood? Need some inspiration? Meet Kara Cook. For someone still relatively early in their career, Kara Cook has seen and done a lot. Kara is the Vice President of Queensland Law Society, has been previously named the Australian Young Lawyer of the Year by the Law Council of Australia, and is the founder of her own practice, CookLegal, which focuses on domestic violence and family law.

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Kara has dealt with entrepreneurial speedbumps, faced a cancer diagnosis and managed her practice as the mother of two kids. It was a pleasure having her on the show – her story was uplifting, to say the least. In this episode, we talked about Kara’s journey and in doing so touched on quite a few other things like…

  • Gaps that exist in the legal marketplace (that aren’t covered by legal aid)
  • The stress and drama that comes with working on domestic issues
  • The importance of a supportive work environment and debriefing
  • What cancer can teach you and how it helps focus on what is most important
  • How a remote team can provide unexpected benefits
  • The value of having a supportive network around you and your business
  • Why leaving work at the office is an imperative skill to have
  • Why law societies need to be more nimble in adjusting to the changing nature of law practice
  • Why the ‘work-life balance’ is kind of a silly distinction


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